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Vail Daily | Medal of Honor Recipient and Vail Veterans Program alumnus, William “Kyle” Carpenter, visits Vail, CO
February 2, 2016

VAIL — U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter wasn’t old enough to legally buy beer when he threw himself on a grenade, saving the life of the fellow Marine with him in that rooftop bunker in Afghanistan. Continue reading…

Vail Daily | Vail Veterans Program welcomes winter group to town
December 12, 2015

VAIL — Lt. Col. Dr. Donald Gajewski laughs and cries at the same time when he talks about his “guys.” Gajewski is in town with dozens of wounded warriors and their families for a Vail Veterans Program session, and found himself at the rim of Blue Sky Basin asking himself how a rookie skier got… Read more »

NBC Today | Vail Veterans get wounded warriors moving in the snow
July 2, 2015

On these Colorado ski slopes, wounded veterans are not only learning a sport they once thought was out of reach, they’re also gaining confidence to rebuild their lives. “The thing about skiing, once I’m up there on the mountain, I’m on equal footing with everybody else,” Col. Gregory Gadson told TODAY during his fourth trip… Read more »

Can mountains heal people?

Can they open our hearts? Create a lasting memory? Crack a smile? Reconnect us to family? At the Vail Veterans Program, we think they can—because we see it happen. It’s why we offer military injured and their families free world-class therapeutic programs designed to build confidence, create life-long relationships, and tap into the freedom the mountains bring out in all of us.

The War’s Final Amputee Read More

Being at the Vail Veterans Program has been an eye opener for me. I am so protective of Greg and sometimes I wonder if I am more nervous about everything than he is. But seeing him say, “Go faster” when he was horseback riding lifted my confidence in him so much and it is such… Read more »

Sgt. Greg Foster (Ret.) & Colleen

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