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Vail Veterans Program is a 501c3 Non-profit Organization.
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Vail Veterans Program takes on a new program to help injured vets
July 28, 2020

VAIL — The Vail Veterans Program isn’t going to let a pandemic stop its work to help our nation’s injured veterans and their families. The COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to hit home in Eagle County when the veterans left March 6 from the program’s most recent winter program in the Vail Valley. Soon after,… Read more »

Vail Veterans Program dines at Vail Firehouse
May 7, 2020

VAIL — It was the dinner invitation I’ve been waiting to get for a long time. I’ve always heard about the final night of the Vail Veterans Program and the farewell dinner hosted at the Vail Firehouse. The stories of camaraderie, the changes from day one until the last night of the program and the… Read more »

Wounded Veterans visiting Vail get a taste of adventure while sharing stories
March 13, 2020

VAIL — If you asked central casting to send you overachievers, you’d get back any number of participants from the Vail Veterans Program. Dan Berschinski and Steve Snell, for instance. All that’s good, they say, but shared experiences and values are better — to be around people who understand what your life was like before,… Read more »

Virtual Programs


October 19, 21, & 23, 2020 (Veterans Only)
October 26, 28, & 30, 2020 (Caregivers Only)
December 1 – 3, 2020 (Veterans Only)

In partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute (HPI) and hosted by HPI Performance Coaches, Resilience for Life focuses on managing stress strategically and proactively in order to promote personal growth. Participants evaluate the stressors they face daily and the methods they use to manage them in order to develop new tools for responding to and recovering from stress that will increase resilience in their day-to-day lives.

Outreach Programming

On April 11th, VVP launched virtual programming for our veterans and their families. We have partnered with professionals in nutrition, mental health, and financial services, as well as fitness instructors, chefs and meditation gurus to share weekly resource newsletters, as well as developed an alumni blog that is accessible on our website which hosts all of the resource information shared through virtual programming newsletters.


On June 8th, we launched an interim program called OUR MISSION CONTINUES, a grant award program directly supporting our alumni and their families. Through this program, we are offering fiscal support in the following categories: Emergency Financial Assistance, Mental Health Support, Health & Wellness, Military Caregiver Support, Educational Opportunities, Pay it Forward, and Family Experiences. Please reach out to for more information.

Military Caregiver Connections

We have partnered with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Performance Coach at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute to host Virtual Caregiver Calls for our military caregivers. These monthly online gatherings offer caregivers the chance to reconnect with one another and to ask specific wellness questions.

Seminars with a Financial Advisor for Military Caregivers

We have partnered with a certified financial advisor to host three monthly virtual financial wellness seminars for our military caregivers. Each session lasts one hour and focuses on specific topics requested by our alumni caregivers. Participants may submit anonymous questions before each session to discuss as a group. Topics include saving, budgeting, and investing.

Fitness Challenge

VVP alumni are invited to participate in a 30-day team fitness challenge. Each participant is assigned a random team member, and together, participants work to achieve daily movement goals. Teams are offered incentives for achieving daily and weekly step goals.