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Vail Veterans Program is a 501c3 Non-profit Organization.
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Vail Veterans Program reunites soldiers who crossed paths in Iraq in 2004
September 9, 2019

VAIL — Families stick together, it’s what families do. “We’re family. We are not alone,” Steve Dabroski told a group of wounded combat veterans in town for the Vail Veterans Program’s summer golf session. Dabroski and Jeremy Knutson hadn’t seen each other since a rocket-propelled grenade ambush hit Dabroski’s Marine unit in Iraq. Read the… Read more »

Heroes by the hundred: Vail Veterans Program turns 15 as it hosts its 2019 summer family session

We all adapt to life, some more than others. The Vail Veterans Program’s summer family session was in town this past week, with dozens of families doing all the stuff families do during a Vail vacation. 15 years young The Vail Veterans Program is 15 years old and has hosted thousands of wounded veterans and… Read more »

Vail Veterans Program unites caregivers of injured combat vets
May 14, 2019

VAIL — Imagine walking into a room with two dozen best friends whom you’ve just met. That’s life this week for a Vail Veterans Program Caregivers Reunion — all caregivers for combat veterans who were injured in Iraq or Afghanistan. Just as heroic as those soldiers are the people who take care of them. Their… Read more »

Other Programs

Military Caregiver Retreat: September 9 – 13, 2020

The Caregiver Retreat encourages caregivers of wounded veterans to connect with others experiencing similar challenges, provides them with sustainable tools to incorporate into their daily lives, and offering them the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate in a safe and comfortable environment. Caregivers visit Vail, CO for three-days of bonding and wellness activities, including self-awareness programs, yoga, meditation, outdoor recreation, spa treatments, and group meals.

Military Caregiver Reunion: TBD 2020

Caregiver Retreat Alumni are invited back to Vail, CO to continue their healing journey and build upon the skills and communities gained during the Caregiver Retreat. In partnership with Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute, Caregivers are also introduced to Resilience Training. This training allows participants to approach stress management in an innovative and proactive way. Instead of avoiding stressful situations, participants learn how to strategically manage stress and plan for adequate recovery in order to increase resilience.

Veterans Path to Success (Orlando, FL): October 13 – 16, 2019 & October 20 – 23, 2019

Vail Veterans Program, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute (HPI), offers VVP alumni a three-day training program focusing on performance psychology, exercise physiology, and nutrition. Participants learn how to expand their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy in order to sustain increased engagement, performance, and resiliency. This training program assists wounded veterans in acknowledging their “old story,” while helping them to identify their “new story” for future success outside of the military.

Resilience Training (Vail, CO): TBD 2020

Vail Veterans Program offers Resilience Training as a follow-up course to Veterans Path to Success, hosted in Vail, CO and led by a Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute coach. This training allows participants to approach stress management in an innovative and proactive way. Instead of avoiding stressful situations, participants learn how to strategically manage stress and plan for adequate recovery in order to increase resiliency. The Resilience Training provides participants with tools to embrace stress and use it to their advantage as a tactic to maximize performance.

Family Support Programs

Vail Veterans Program stays engaged with our alumni by providing individual families with opportunities to return to Vail to continue in the healing process. The Vail Veterans Program also partners with Black Mountain Dude Ranch in McCoy, Colorado to host individual alumni families, up to three times per year, for a week of western fun, relaxation, and healing in a safe and comfortable environment.